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Peer workshops and events connecting late-identified autistic people of colour & our allies.

New membership requests will be placed on a waitlist. This keeps us a small, connected community.
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Welcome to peer circles, expert-lead workshops, and events #ForUsByUs and built with love to educate, empower, and shift the narrative for all late-identified autistic adults, with a focus on autistic people of colour.

  We are unique within the larger autistic community  

If you're like us, you made it well beyond childhood, adolescence, and even well into mid- or senior life before learning you've been autistic the whole time. Many of us earned multiple degrees, held a stack of jobs, built careers, started our own families, maybe even had grandchildren and retired. Many of us did none of those things. Our lives don't look one way or follow any singular path. 

What do we have in common? 

Most of us had zero idea that autism applied to us. 

We were hiding in plain sight, even from ourselves. 

Living through those years of not knowing shaped our self-view, set the expectations we hold for the world around us, informed our sense of belonging, and so much more. 

That was where we were.

This is now. 

You've found a small community of peers who share so much of what you might have thought was you alone. Join us and change your path. Come be part of a global, inter-generational, multi-ethnicity community that spans every and all parts of society and life.


Questioning, self-identified, or formally validated? You're welcome here. 

Known for a while or just realized today?
You belong.

Craving a more personal, connected, and inclusive social experience? This is the spot.

The Autastic Community accepts and welcomes all genders, sexual orientations, abilities, faiths, nationalities, and more.*

*We are a community designed for late-identified autistic adults. Membership is not available for children, teens, or non-autistic people. 


  • Real people. Real faces. Real connection.

  • A small-group atmosphere

  • Live virtual get-togethers

  • Guidance from respected advocates you know and follow

  • Wellness resources

  • Growth tools

  • Original content

  • Affinity groups

  • Exclusive Autastic Insider perks

Together we'll learn to see ourselves and each other in a new light, practice acceptance and self-compassion, and share tips and strategies that work for our daily lives.

And it's all created specifically for late-identified autistic adults. We're here to make all our lives better, one day at a time. And the best part?


What makes us different? The Autastic Community is focused on creating connection. To do that, we each agree to show up authentically -- with real bios and real profile photos, all while maintaining privacy. Not for you? Try one of our other spaces instead. There's something for pretty much everyone.


  • A personal profile to customize as you like. Showcase your personality and interests and make it even easier to connect with new friends.
  • Guidance from trusted autistic advocates you may already know and love! Enroll in roundtables for one-on-one connection and to gain from their expertise earned out there working on our behalf. (Roundtables are premium courses that fund free access to our community.)
  • Reserved spaces for #AutisticPOC, trans, and other historically marginalized members of our community to engage and build relationships around the issues that affect them most.
  • Just enough members to actually get to know and recognize friends without feeling lost in a crowd.
  • Access to members local to your region (among members who choose to share their location).
  • Automatic Autastic Insider status for access to exclusive offers, discounts, early access, giveaways, and more via our email list. Opt out at any time.
  • And, of course, you get access to the growing community of people who, just like you, learned who they are loooooong after childhood and who are looking for community... with you!


Morénike Giwa-Onaiwu

Author, Educator, Advocate

Morénike is an educator, writer, public speaker, parent, and global advocate. Morénike joined our community to share a lifetime of learning about working for change for our autistic community.

Morénike's Roundtable: Advocacy For Beginners

Danielle Sullivan

Creator, The Neurodiverging Podcast

Danielle is an autistic neurodiversity advocate, a certified life coach, and the parent of two neurodivergent children. Her mission is to help the neurodivergent community find the resources we need to live better lives and to further disability awareness and social justice.

Danielle's Roundtable: Autistic Emotions Explained

Carole Jean Whittington

Founder, Mind Your Autistic Brain

Carole Jean, a.k.a. The Social Autie, is the host of Mind Your Autistic Brain, a talk show for late-identified autistic adults. Her UnVeiling Method™ combines relevant science with easy to implement steps to offer new approaches that won’t overwhelm or create added stress or pressure.  

Carole Jean's Roundtable: Rest Is More Than Sleep

Diane J. Wright

Founder, Autastic.com

Diane's Roundtables:
Intro to #AutisticLife
Onboarding To #AutisticLife
Unmasking: First Steps

Diane J. Wright is founder of Autastic.com and The Autastic.com Community. Before dedicating her life to autistic advocacy and community-building, she flailed though the persistent support gap that exists for late-identified autistic adults. Having emerged from that disheartening place, she decided to do all she can to change what’s likely our most defining experience for the better.



  • To be part of conversations, events, and growth experiences you won't find anywhere else.

  • To connect with autistic adults like you who are at a similar point in their journey of self-discovery.

  • To feel seen. We're a small community with authenticity at our core. You matter here.

  • To share stories and ideas with people who want to hear what you have to offer (info-dumping encouraged!)

  • To dive into your interests with like-minded members -- some of whom may live in your country, region, or even city.

  • To get inspired and explore possibilities for creating the life you want.

  • To relax, find your people, and be your (real and actual) self.


It took a lot of time, effort, imagination, and persistence to create this for our community. Even with all that, The Autastic.com Community is nothing without you. YOU make it real. YOU make it matter.

- - - 

­The Autastic.com Community is made possible entirely through course and event fees, gifts, patronage, and a team of generous volunteers. There are no corporate sponsorships, government grants, nor celebrity-backed fundraisers. Just us supporting each other. A percentage of every dollar Autastic takes in goes directly to support autistic people of colour through our annual give-back initiative.


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